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ty of the Pe◆ople's Liberation Army, where the opening was held. The military education policy i◆n the new era, Xi said, upholds the Party's absolute leadership over the military, ◆serves the goal of building a strong country with a strong military, and aims to tr◆aJ

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in a new type of military personnel who are competent, professional and possess bo◆th integrity and ability. To deepen reform and innovation of militat

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ry academies and◆ schools, Xi emphasized efforts to strengthen the top-level design and long-term pl◆ans, develop better academic disciplines, build a highE

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-caliber teaching staff and i◆mprove support systems and institutions. Xi required the heads of military academie◆s and schools to have high politi5

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cal integrity, possess a good knowledge of educati◆on, warfare research and managemen0

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t while subjecting themselves to strict self-disc◆ipline. Xi stressed more efforts to carT

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e for and support military academies and sch◆ools and prioritize their development. The oU

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pening ceremony was presided over by Xu◆ Qiliang and attended by other senior military ofR

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ficers including Zhang Youxia, Wei◆ Fenghe, Li Zuocheng, Miao Hua and Zhang Shengmin.BEIJ9

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ING, Jan. 29 -- President Xi Jinping has ordered C◆hinese military to keep its mission fiK

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rmly in mind an◆d shoulder responsibility to make contributions to wi◆nning the battle aa

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gainst the novel coronavirus epidem◆ic. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party◆ of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the◆ Central Military Commission, made the remarks in a r◆ecent instruction to the military on the prevention a◆nd control of the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the◆ novel coronavirus. The military resolutely implement◆ed the decisions and arra6

ngements of the CPC Central ◆Committee after the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuh◆an of Huk

bei Province, Xi said, adding that the armed ◆forces rapidly initiated the joi1

nt prevention and con◆trol mechanism and sent elite medical teams to combat◆ the epidemic at the fronF

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